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7:00PM - Opening Ceremonies: Come meet the Guests of Honor, find out about more of the amazing events we have going on this weekend and find out about important information regarding Fandemonium. in Main Events (60min)

1:00AM - Cosplay After Dark: Where we take Cosplay to an extreme new level Where almost anything can happen and usually does. Always open to both prepared skits, as well as audience participation. Though just remember this, before you walk through those doors, at Cosplay After Dark what has been seen, can not be unseen. ATTENTION: This is an Adult (18+) Oriented Event: To gain access to, attend, or participate in Adult (18+) age restricted events you are legally required to present a valid form of non-expired photo identification; State issued Photo ID, State issued Drivers License, Military ID or Passport, to confirm that you are at least 18 years of age, and you must also sign a waiver of offense & annoyance to be in compliance with the Idaho State anti-nudity & obscenity laws before admittance into the event will be granted. in Main Events (60min)


8:00PM - Maniac Masquerade Dance Party: Dance the evening away in costumed awesomeness... to three FANtastic DJ's, DJ- 5QU1RR3L, DJ-Crokk, DJ-OniGiri in Main Events (60min)


3:30PM - Closing Ceremonies: Say farewell to the Guests of Honor, learn about next year. in Main Events (90min)



Welcome to the exciting world of event running at Fandemonium!


Fandemonium is "For the Fans, by the Fans", and we emphasize that through our various fan run events. Our convention experience will not only provide many of our own signature Fandemonium events, but we also present panels, games, and other exciting experiences created by fans just like you! Anyone can submit an event, panel, workshop, contest, etc. to run at Fandemonium. In exchange we provide you with a complimentary pass for the day you are running your event(s). There are a limited number of time slots available so get your events submitted now!


Check out the layout map of our event space for this years Fandemonium below. If you would like to run an event please scroll down past the map and click on the appropriate link for the type of event you wish to run.

[Map Coming Soon]


Ready to submit an event?  Follow the corresponding button below!

Once your event is submitted, it will be reviewed by the programming manager. If approved without changes, the programming manager will e-mail you confirming the details of your event.  If changes are needed, the programming manager will contact you to work out the details before approving and scheduling your event.



What kind of events can I run?


Any type of community generated content ranging from panels, workshops, demonstrations, events, tournaments and contests. You can run an event on almost any topic that relates to a Fandom, Geek Culture, or the Fandom life style. If you’re not sure if your event will work at Fandemonium then just contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we would be happy to discuss it with you!


Do you need to be an expert on a given subject to run an event about it?


Of course not, as long as you know something about the subject matter you want to cover that is good enough. As a community, we all learn from one another and someone can learn from you something they didn’t know and then create something new. They in turn may end up in a year or two running an event on the same or a similar subject that you may learn from.


Now you may ask yourself, why would you want to run an event at Fandemonium?


Simply really, aside from getting the opportunity to take center stage and show off what you know, for each day that you run an event at Fandemonium you get in free.


Are you interested in running event(s) at Fandemonium?


Our event submission form will be accepting submissions soon. Until then, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.




Fandemonium throws several dances and video game tournaments though out the year outside of the convention. We bring you the best music and latest games to play at our events.

You can always find out more information about our upcoming and previous events from the list below to find out more about what's going on at these events!

We strive to bring the best of every world at these events to bring everyone together not just for Conventions, but for everything else!

Welcome to Fandemonium 2015 Table Top Gaming!

Fandemonium has some exciting changes for table top gaming this year.  Now that we have moved to the Grove Hotel, instead of just one room for your table top needs, we now have three!  One for table top games, one for card gaming, and one for miniature gaming.  With this change, we hope to expand our ability to host card gaming tournaments, as well as miniatures battles on a larger scale.

Now that we have so much extra room for tabletop gaming, we need people who want to step up and run games!  Whether it be Pathfinder, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, Zombie Dice, an original creation or whatever your favorite

we need dedicated members of the gaming community to run games and tournaments at the convention.  Not only will you get a change to try out that new campaign, you can earn your way into the convention for free!  Anyone running a minimum one hour game or tournament will get a free day pass to Fandemonium for the day of their event.  If you run one all three days, you can earn a free three day badge to the convention!  

Are you ready to grab your GM dice and roll?

Tabletop Gaming Room Layout Map

Run a Tabletop Game at Fandemonium

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