April 14-16th 2017 | Wyndham Garden Boise Airport Hotel
3300 S. Vista Ave. Boise, ID 83705 | (208) 343-4900

Idaho's Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Gaming, Horror, Comics Expo

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Congratulations! You've found the wonderful magical place with information about the Art Show! *throws confetti*.  Let me give you a little run down of what this paradise for artists is. We like you, we like your work! No one gets turned away from submitting, whether you think it's great or not, you worked hard on it and we want to display it! Don't forget, your own work's hardest critic is yourself, so take a breath an give yourself some credit!


This year, the Art Show will be held in Room 213, a rather cozy room that will have plenty of availability for showing off your wares. Anything from costumes and props, to paintings and traditional sketch work can be showcased. After all, it's all art! However, we will not be able to show anything of a more mature nature. Rules and guidelines are explained more thoroughly in our contract agreement form, and that will be available with a quick email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until we get the forms situated onto the site itself!



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Wyndham Garden Boise Airport
3300 S. Vista Ave. Boise, ID 83705

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