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Artist Spaces 2014

The Artist Alley is a long standing traditional feature of fan conventions. It is a place where artists of all types and mediums can come to display, promote and sell their works. It has also been used as a place for Fans & Groups to promote their Clubs, Conventions and Events.

We offer spaces in the Artist Alley as a more affordable alternative to our Dealers Room for Artists of all types who would like to sell and/or display their original art, crafts, and creations, and for Fan Groups, Fan Clubs and other Fan Conventions to promote themselves and all they have to offer.

Fandemonium Artist Alley table spaces which feature a full size (6'x30") table for the low cost of $35.00 USD to Pre-Registered Fandemonium 3-Day Attendees. There are a limited number of Artist Alley table spaces available: if you want one you MUST reserve it in advance by:

Ensuring that you've already pre-registered! This is a must have for requesting a table.
Fill out the form below to request a space!  It is first come, first served, so don't delay!

Also~ Please remember that requesting an Artist Alley space does not guarantee you an Artist Alley space. They are available on a first come, first served basis.  We do have a waiting list if the Alley is full, but you are more likely to be guaranteed a spot if you act quickly!

Ready to take the leap into Fandemonium 2015?  Click on the link bellow and fill out the request form to apply for an Artist space!

Artist Space Availability
Table# Artist Name Artist Website
A01  Moku  
A02  Lori White  
A03  Sketch Ratz  
A04  Sacha Wells  
A05  Elizabeth Madsen  
A06  Firecat Studios  
A07  Condor Art  
A08  NPC Cosplay  
A09  Medusa's Dog Workshop/Greener Armoury  
A10  Button Mashing  
A11  Jessica Tuft  
A12  Available  
A13  Milkcannon Charms  
A14 On hold for Broken World Clothing (72hr)  
A15  Tye Allen  
A16  Randomosity Crafts  
A17  Sik and Twisted Art  
A18  Professor Algernon  
A19  COO-IE  
A20  Adrian Ropp  
A21  Animatics  
Last Updated: 07-06-2015

*When you have completed your request, you will see an error at the top of the page that says 'could not instantiate mail function'.  No need to worry, its not going to affect your submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Artist Alley table layout?
A: See map!

Q: Why do I have to Pre-Register before I can get my Artist Alley Table?
A: We've had problems with Artists in the past not purchasing their required badges or cancelling their tables leaving open spaces in the Artist Alley last minute which are then incredibly hard to fill. This method insures both that we receive serious artist submissions and gives you the added benefit of having your table associated with your badge so that no one else can claim your space. So we require that you please Pre-Register first by visiting the Buy a Badge link at the top of the website and then after your pre-registration is confirmed, we can begin your Artist Alley reservation process.

Q: How much does it cost for an Artist Alley table?
A: Tables are $35.00 for pre-registered attendees.

Q: Why do you require Artists to Pre-Register for the convention?
A: We want our artists to pre-register to avoid any confusion regarding the artist’s appearance at the convention. We want to avoid any empty tables, and so ensuring that the artist will already be attending is the most efficient way to accomplish this.

Q: I can only Attend Fandemonium for one day this year can I still get an Artist Alley Table?
A: Only if you are willing to purchase a 3-Day pass. We do not allow rotating table spaces at this time.

Q: What type of items am I allowed to sell in Artists Alley?
A: There are many types of Items you may sell in Artist Alley, but keep in mind that they must have been created by you.
Here are a few examples:

·         Original art: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Japanese Anime, Animation, Comic Book, etc. themed art that you have created.

·         Fan Art: Your rendition or interpretation of characters from the various genres of Fandom.

·         Fan Films, Fan Music Videos (Fanvid's), Anime Music Videos (AMV's), Fan Made Music and Filk CD's that you personally created.

·         Fan made Comics or Manga, Fan-Fiction, Fan-Zines, Stories, Music or Filk Lyrics you have written, etc.

·         Works of Sewing, Crocheting, Knitting, Quilting, Needlepoint, etc.

·         Wood works, carvings, etc.

·         Metal workings, chain mail, swords & knives, etc.

·         Costumes, Props, & Pieces that you have created.

If you have something that you created that you want to sell in the Artist Alley but aren't sure that it's OK, just e-mail the Fandemonium Chairman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will tell you if its something that may be sold.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi available in the Artist Alley?
A: Yes, however Fandemonium makes no guarantees as to the suitability, merchantability, fitness or functionality of the free WiFi and highly recommends that if you require Internet for processing Credit Cards or for your product(s) that you arrange for an alternative, such as a cell phone data plan or WiFi HotSpot.

Q: I've never had an Artist Alley Table before what should I do/bring/etc.?
A: Here are some tips for first time Artist Alley participants

1. Try to have a range of items: some inexpensive, and some more expensive.

2. If you have a lot of items or a large table display bring a handcart. There will not be a cart available to borrow!

3. If you plan to leave your merchandise in the Alley overnight please bring a drop cloth to cover your merchandise.  Fandemonium does not assume responsibility for any merchandise left in the Alley overnight.

4. Bring a calculator or cash register and change. One and five dollar bills (and quarters!) vanish quickly.

5. Hand out receipts for what you sell. It helps security with potential shoplifters.

6. Make cash deposits/drops on a regular basis. Hotels have safe deposit boxes for guests and there are many banks in the downtown area.

7. Hand out flyers, business cards, or mail-order catalogs and/or get an advertisement in the program book. It helps people find your website after the convention.

8. Have at least two people working your booth(s). You'll need to get away from the table at some point, guaranteed.

9. Try to be friendly, outgoing, courteous, and expedient when dealing with potential customers. You will be surprised at how much this will help improve your selling experience at Fandemonium.

10. Don't just sit there and wait for customers to come to you. Talk to attendees as they walk past, get their attention, actively promote your merchandise and sale items.  You will find that this will greatly increase your sales.

11. Decorate your Artist Alley booth space, and put a banner on the front of your table space. You are free to decorate your booth however you like, so long as it does not interfere with another artist or break any of either the Fandemonium or convention center rules.

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