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Event Title: Artist Alley Table Decorating Contest
Location: Vendors Hall (The Grand Bizarre) and Vendors Suites (Merchants Row)

Hello artists!
    This is a list of rules and guidelines for Fandemonium 2015 artist alley decoration contest!
This year Fandemonium’s theme is, drum roll please… DREAMS and NIGHTMARES!
We want you to go all out! Decorate your table, decorate yourselves and go crazy with the pirate theme!
Please keep in mind these few rules and guidelines to help keep our convention area safe and fun!

    -    Keep the decorations PG
        *    We have fans of all ages at our convention so keep the decorations all ages friendly.
    -    Only decorate your own table space!
        *    Please keep the other artists in mind and don’t have your decorations interfere with their table and their displays/decorations.
        *    Don’t hang banners/flyers/artwork on the walls behind your table space.
        *    Decorations cannot protrude from your table into walkways. It puts our attendees in danger of damaging their costumes or themselves.
    -    Please refrain from using glitter or confetti!
        *    Glitter and confetti is crazy hard to get out of carpet
    -    Have fun!!
        *    Let your imagination go wild!

How to get votes:
    -    On Friday morning while you are getting settled in at your table I will go around with a small stack of ballots for attendees to fill out.
        *    It will ask for; their real name, their badge number and the table they are voting for.
    -    At the end of each day I will walk around to collect all the filled out ballots and count them up on Sunday.
    -    The winner will be announced during closing ceremonies on Sunday.

    Why are we even having a contest you say?! Glad you asked! The winner of the contest gets a FREE ARTIST ALLEY TABLE AND BADGE for Fandemonium 2016!
                  So, have fun with it and good luck!

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