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Join the team of one of the BEST convention running communities in the Northwest!


Fandemonium is looking for Bright, Inspired, Driven, and Friendly new volunteers to join our team to help run Fandemonium this year! Fandemonium is an all volunteer based organization that enables you to learn skills you could only get though years of training in a job setting!

Who can volunteer for Staff? Just about anyone, our volunteers are all members of our local fan communities just like you!

Don't know how to staff a convention? No problem we provide free training on most everything you need to know from Customer Service, to cord taping & wrapping, equipment handling, safety procedures, etc., Fandemonium strives to provide a community we have a place for learning about your fandom, yourself, and having a fantastic time doing it!

Fandemonium is comprised of several departments, and our Personnel Team Lead is here to ensure that you are in a department you want to volunteer in!

A few examples of functions you can perform as a New Volunteer:

·             Courtesy Department Team Member - Ensuring that our guests, attendees, and staff are taken care of by working with department members to provide complementary services for attendees such as Help Desk, Con Ops, Green Room (For guests), Water Stations and our Dressing Rooms!


·             Staging Team Member - Building our events requires a large team of volunteers who are engaged with our event runners to create their events using our materials and theirs.


·                A/V Team Member - Learn the skills to master lighting, sound, and anything Audio Visual with our A/V department. Our trained staff are certified, knowledgeable, and ready to perform with complex equipment needs for any event. (Note: this department requires approval and training before we can authorize you to use our Audio Visual equipment)


    ·         Security Team Member - Learn what it takes to provide quality customer service while helping maintain a safe, friendly & fun environment for our attendees while enforcing our rules and guidelines at Fandemonium including checking badges and ID checking! (Note: you must be 18 years of age to participate in this department.)


   ·         Gopher Team Member - Be a resource for departments to use when we need you! You will move around a lot and do many different things all at once, but you'll learn how our convention runs inside and out quickly!


   ·         Registration Team Member - Learn how to handle Attendee matters effectively, and ensure that our convention can maintain our standard of at least 7 RPM (Registrations Per Minute)! If you consider a staff of typically 7, that's over 400+ attendees every hour! You'll learn how to use our vendor's systems, and become a pro at data entry before the weekend is over!


    ·         Video Game Team Member – Help monitor, prepare, and run our video game department with over 50+ possible stations and consoles for attendees to play on! Making sure that our equipment stays up and running and that nothing runs away with anyone is the most important part of this job! However, you can run a tournament or two and help make our amazing room even better!

·         All of our volunteers help to move our equipment from the storage facility to the convention hotel on Thursday, to help with setup on Thursday night and Friday morning, to help with event tear down on Sunday night, and to help return it to the storage facility on Monday morning.


          IT Team Member - Help Maintain and update the website, and make sure equipment and hardware is working properly.

We provide a few perks for volunteering with us right away to our volunteers:

·         FREE Admission to Fandemonium the year you volunteer if you work 6-8 hours each day. After which you can spend the rest of each day enjoying the event or keep working along with us and experience the excitement of running Idaho's largest fan convention! Where you never know what will happen next!

·         Complementary Sleeping Space at our Hotel; Bring a sleeping bag and/or pillows and blankets and spend the night with our team during the convention! These rooms are monitored by our security department and board during the late hours!

·         Snacks, Light Meals, and Drinks are provided by our Fantastic Courtesy Services Department inside our Convention Staff Room!

·         Free Food at the Fandemonium Staff After Party ("Dead Dog") where we celebrate the completion of another years event. Join us Sunday night for some food and celebration!

·         Put us on your Resume! You earned it by volunteering for us! Please notify us prior though by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will even write a letter of recommendation for you after you have worked with us!

To be eligible to volunteer at Fandemonium. 

You must abide by all of the rules of the convention.
In accordance with Idaho State Labor Laws you must be at least:
14 years old by the convention to volunteer for up to 8hrs a day.
16 years old by the convention to volunteer for more than 8hrs a day.
18 years old by the convention to volunteer for security.

Any potential volunteer under the age of eighteen will need parent or guardian permission to register as a Fandemonium volunteer.  Parent or guardian signatures will be required on all volunteer forms for those under eighteen.

Volunteers need to work the hours they commit to. If a problem occurs, the volunteer must contact the Personnel Manager or Gopher Director immediately. Any volunteer who does not work the required hours or fails to properly perform their duties at the convention risks being barred from volunteering in the future.

Volunteers are required to attend one of several orientation meetings held prior to and during the convention. Orientation will include a run through of the rules, any changes and improvements made from last year, and a tour of the convention center on Thursday prior to the event. The tour is extremely helpful to get the layout of the convention so you know where you are going and the short-cuts to get there. (Being on time is extremely important, otherwise you may get left in the dust!)

If you have any problems with signing up or questions about Fandemonium Volunteering, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

Ready to join our team of driven, dependable, and AMAZING volunteers?


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