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All contestants must be registered attendees of the current year Fandemonium.

Contestants who enter this contest will need to place themselves in a category according to their skill level, or into Exhibition Class. Certain restrictions are applicable to each division that may not be described in these rules. Please refer to Help Desk or the Costume/Cosplay Coordinator for any questions about eligibility.

Novice Class – This category is for contestants new to costuming or costume competitions. As a guideline, 0 to 100 hours spent and 60% of the costume must be made/significantly modified by the contestant. Reference Pictures/Inspirations pictures are required(3 one for each judge, and must be in color). Limit 25 entrants

Journeyman Class – This category is for contestants with acquired skill in costuming or competition, but do not wish to compete in the Master division yet. As a guideline, 100-300 hours spent and 70% of the costume must be made/significantly modified by the contestant. Reference Pictures/Inspirations pictures are required and some progress pictures. Optional written documentation is encouraged (3 one for each judge, and must be in color). Limit 15 entrants

Master Class – This category is for contestants with significant experience with costuming or costume competitions who wish to receive scrutiny and specific criticism regarding their costume. As a guideline, 300+ hours spent on and 80% of the costume must be made/significantly modified by the contestant. Documentation of the costume is required (reference pictures, inspiration pictures, progress pictures, design sketches, finished pictures, and must be in color) Must include 3 copies, One for each judge. Limit 10 entrants

Exhibition Class – This category is for contestants who only wish to show off their costume, do not want their costume to be evaluated, or are presenting a store-bought or a commissioned costume. Limit 25 entrants


Contestants can also compete under a cosplay name, and they can specify that we announce them as such. Contestants need to register under their legal name, but we can also put in their cosplay name.

Fandemonium’s Costume Contest follows International Costumers Guild (ICG) standards:  ranking received from this contest will affect the contestant’s international standing in the costuming community. Because of this, any costume that has won a division ranking in an ICG contest (Novice, Journeyman, etc.), or has won another, similar high ranking award affecting their international standing must be advanced to a higher competition category. Contestants who do not wish to advance to a higher ranking with their costume may enter in Exhibition Class.

Contestants must be at least 5 years old to enter this competition. Contestants 13+ may compete in any skill division; those aged 5-12 are automatically considered Exhibition Class

Contestants can do a “set” of costumes, two people/costumes counting as one. Costumes must be from the same show, book, movie, anime, etc...  Only get one award, graded as a set. Costumes must be viewed together and entered together. A model may wear the costume during workmanship and presentation evaluation. Models must be at least 5 years of age.

Contestants, or their models, must be wearing completed costumes at all times during workmanship and presentation evaluations

All contestants, regardless of age, are eligible to place in presentation award categories. Only contestants in Novice, Journeyman, and Master Class are eligible to place in workmanship/skill-based award categories. The name and description of all award categories are available at Help Desk during Fandemonium, and on the website at

All contestants must be registered for the contest by Saturday of the current years Fandemonium at 2:00 PM.  

All contestants in Novice, Journeyman, and Master Class are required to participate in 1 five-minute workmanship evaluation with a panel of judges in order to qualify for workmanship/skill-based award categories. Slots for Master Class and Journeyman Class division entrants will be available for two hours on Friday, August 1st, 2014. Slots for Journeyman Class and Novice Class division entrants will be available for four hours on Saturday, August 2nd, 2014. All contestants must be registered for their time slot one hour before their judging period begins, and will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

All Costume Contest contestants (including Exhibition Class) must attend a MANDATORY orientation session on Saturday of Fandemonium at 5:30 PM in Main Events before participating in the presentation evaluation.  Line-up numbers and staging instructions will be given out at that time.

The presentation evaluation for the Fandemonium Costume Contest, to be held in front of a live audience in Main Events, it is scheduled from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM on Saturday of Fandemonium.

The maturity rating for this event is PG.  Please adjust accordingly. Nudity will NOT be tolerated: costumes must consist of actual garments. Idaho has an anti-nudity law, and we should not have to enforce it during an all-ages contest.  

No flash, fire, explosives, fireworks, smoke (including incense), fog (including dry ice), or incendiary devices, such as caps or smokers, will be tolerated. Absolutely no chemicals, powders, thrown glitter or confetti will be allowed.

If weapons are part of your costume, they must conform to the Fandemonium Weapons Policy:

No sharp swords or knives or actual working weapons are allowed. Wood, rattan, bamboo, plastic, cardboard, foam, or rubber weapons are acceptable.  Inspection of all weapons will be required prior to the show, regardless of material.
Contestants are responsible for their own weapons, and for moving them onto and off of the stage
The Fandemonium Costume/Cosplay Coordinator, and any other representative designated by the Board of Fandemonium reserves the right to refuse any costume or presentation, or individual component of such (e.g. prop weapons) if it would endanger the contestant or others (or for any other reason felt appropriate and/or necessary). Excessive disrespect towards any of the associated staff for this competition may be grounds for disqualification as well. Deliberate disruption of the event by any contestant(s) for any reason may also constitute the same result.

If a contestant believes that they have been judged unfairly during this contest, they may make an appeal to the Costume/Cosplay Coordinator for review of the results. The Costume/Cosplay Coordinator has final determination on the outcome of any appeals, pending review by the Board of Fandemonium. Contestants are encouraged to bring any complaints or comments about the event to any member of Fandemonium Staff before, during, and after the current years Fandemonium.

Awards: If you win one or more of the Costume Contest award categories your award will be presented to you at the Awards Ceremony which takes place on Sunday of the convention at 4:00PM (MDT) right before closing Ceremonies. Your award may not be picked up before this time. If you wish your award to be shipped to you after the event you will need to pay the associated shipping and handling costs.
These rules may be subject to change. However, an attempt will be made to provide ample notification if this occurs. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the Costume/Cosplay Coordinator, or Help Desk with any questions: they will be answered as promptly as possible.

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