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Event Title: Cosplay Contest
Location: Main Events
Master of Ceremonies: TBA
Event Organizer: Kylie Cain
Guest Pro Costume Judges: To Be Announced

Your Fandom comes alive at Fandemonium’s Cosplay Contest. Whether you come to watch or participate, the Cosplay Contest is the perfect place to live your Fandom. Grab your friends and take your creativity to the max in the amazing world of Cosplay.

Recreate your favorite scene, or get wild and make up your own!  Skits, songs, and sing-a-longs - bring out your inner actor. Unlike some conventions that only allow one genre of Cosplay, Fandemonium welcomes all genres and styles so let your imagination take hold and dress in any cosplay you can dream up.

The sign-up deadline for the Cosplay Contest is Saturday of Fandemonium at 12:00AM (MDT). If you wish to participate in the Cosplay Contest then you MUST attend the rehearsal.


1. All contestants must be registered attendees at the current years Fandemonium for the day of this event.

2. All participants must be signed up for the Cosplay contest by no later than Saturday at 12:00AM (MDT) of the event. Sign-Up's received after that point will not be accepted for entrance into the contest. Information, a list of the most current rules, and entry forms will be available at the convention Help Desk beginning on Friday at 10:00AM, located right by the elevators on the 2nd floor.

3. Participants in the Cosplay Contest are not allowed to use unaltered store-bought, professionally made, or rented costumes.  Store-bought, professionally made, or rented props, wigs, and/or costume pieces, however, are allowed.

4. Cosplay Contest participants will be allowed up to 5 minutes onstage.  They must be able to enter the staging area, perform, and exit within the time allotted.  They must also be prepared for removal by the Staging Crew if they exceed the given time.

5. Individual entries, as well as individuals participating in a group, will be limited to perform in only one skit or presentation. We want a fair contest with many opportunities for diverse competition.

6. Mandatory Rehearsal: Contestants must arrive in Main Events by no later than 1:00pm for the rehearsal. Attending this rehearsal is required if you wish to participate in the Cosplay event. Latecomers will be disqualified.

7. Contest Start Time: The Fandemonium Cosplay Contest is scheduled from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM on Saturday.

8. Music, Pre-Recorded Spoken Dialog and Soundtracks: If you wish to have any audio; music, sound effects, voice overs, etc. during your presentation, you MUST make note of it on the registration form. You must then provide a CD or USB Memory Stick of your audio track to the Cosplay Coordinator when you attended the mandatory rehearsal. Failure to do either of these two requirements will result in your not being allowed to have per-recorded audio during your skit. Preferred audio formats are MP3, MP4, WAV, AAC and playable audio CD's. Please write your badge number on the CD or USB Memory Stick before submitting them. You are responsible for retrieving your media after the event. Please do not give us your original or only copy.

9. Judging: Your Cosplay will be evaluated by a panel of judges; In order to select which amazing Cosplays will win each year Fandemonium utilizes a panel of both Pro-Costume Judges that are selected before hand, as well as a panel of Fan judges that are selected at the convention itself. We do this to ensure that the results of judging are always fair and balanced. This is our commitment to you. Fandemonium and it's Cosplay Contest Judge's decisions regarding, winners, disqualifications, and any other decisions made before, during, or after the contest, are final, and will not be up for debate.

10. Maximum Number of Skit Participants: Due to the fact that our Main Events Performance Stage is 16' ft. wide by 12' ft. deep there is a maximum limit of 10 of people you may have on stage at any one time during your skit.

11. Content & maturity rating: This event is rated PG or bellow, please adjust your skit accordingly to operate within these standards.

12. Nudity: Will NOT be tolerated.  Costumes worn must consist of actual garments.  Idaho has an anti-nudity law, and we should not need to enforce it during an all-ages contest.

13. Restricted Incendiaries; No flash, fire, explosive, fireworks, smoke (including incense), fog (including dry ice), or incendiary devices, such as caps or smokers, will be tolerated.

14. Restricted Materials; Absolutely no liquids, bubbles, chemicals, slime, powders, thrown glitter, or confetti will be allowed.

15. Prop Weapons; If prop weapons are a part of your costume, they must conform to the Fandemonium Prop Weapons Policy;

        1.    No sharp swords or knives or actual working weapons are allowed. Wood, rattan, bamboo, plastic, cardboard, foam, or rubber weapons are acceptable.  Inspection of all weapons will be required prior to the show, regardless of material. Always check Fandemonium's ToS: Rules & Guidelines for the latest policies regarding prop weapons.
        2.    You are responsible for your own weapons, e.g. bringing them on and off stage yourself.
        3.    We reserve the right to reject any weapons if we consider them dangerous.

16. Choreographed Fighting: Limited choreographed fighting is allowed. It must be conducted in a safe and well-rehearsed manner.  Examples of allowed methods include: empty hand martial arts, katas, demonstrations, etc.  Participants should remember, however that if their actions damage the venue or it's property, whether intentionally or unintentionally, that you the attendee, not Fandemonium, is responsible for any and all associated repair costs.

17. We reserve the right: to refuse your skit if we think it would endanger yourself or others, or for any other reason we feel appropriate and/or necessary.

18. Contestants are encouraged to speak to the Event Organizer if they have any questions or concerns about this event.  Be advised, however, that excessive disrespect towards the Event Organizer, Staging Crew, Judging Staff, Master of Ceremonies, or other contestants may be grounds for disqualification and/or removal from the event.  Deliberate disruption of the event by any contestant(s) for any reason may also provoke the same result.

19. Awards: If you win one or more of the Cosplay Contest award categories your award will be presented to you at the Award Ceremony which takes place on Sunday of the convention at 4:00PM (MDT) right before closing Ceremonies. Your award may not be picked up before this time. If you wish your award to be shipped to you after the event you will need to pay the associated shipping and handling costs.

20. These rules are subject to change. However, we will try to give you ample notification if they do. If you have any questions about these rules please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they will be answered as promptly as possible.

Disclaimer: Fandemonium, The Grove Hotel Boise, and their respective parent companies, staff, relatives, and associates are not responsible for any injuries that might occur before, during, or after the competition, or for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

*A PG-rating includes very minor profanity, and/or depictions of violence, but these elements are not deemed so intense as to require that parents be strongly cautioned beyond the suggestion of parental guidance.  Read the MPAA website for more details, and further information. All ratings according to the MPAA are applied to Fandemonium events as general guidelines, with addendum's as per the rules stated above.

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