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Event Title: Plushie Costume Contest
Location: Art Show Room
Master of Ceremonies: Kira Parker
Guest Judge(s): Kim Boothby of Red Zone Fandom

Bring your favorite plushie in its finest outfit to see who's got the snazziest costume! Plushies must be between 6"(16cm) and 26"(66cm) tall.  Animals & Creatures of any type are welcome. Costumes may be purchased, but must be altered in some way to make them more original. Judging will be based on design and/or alteration, how well the costume fits the plushie, and Best of Show audience voting. Plushies will be displayed in the Art Show Room (2nd Floor Room 213), and may be dropped off any time after 10am on Friday.  Plushies need to be present by 12pm on Sunday (no fashionably late contestants, please!). Winners will be announced at 1:30pm on Sunday.  Convention attendees are welcome to enter their votes until 1:00pm. Security will be provided to make sure none of the contestants 'scamper off' to be with their adoring fans.The owner of the contest winner will receive a gift certificate to Build-a-Bear workshop.  Best of Show will receive free 3-day entry to next year’s Fandemonium.  Must be present to win.


 1. All contestants must be registered Fandemonium attendees.

 2. All participants must be registered for the contest by Sunday of Fandemonium, no later than 12:00 PM.   Information and entry forms will be available at the convention info kiosk until that time.

 3. Participants must be at least 6 years old to enter this competition.  There are two(2) prizes available: Best of Show (Judges’ Category), and Fan-Favorite.  Both will be awarded at Closing Ceremonies.

 4. All participants must bring their plushie to the Art Show Room (Room 213 on Floor 2) to be displayed by no later than 12:00PM on Sunday (no fashionably late contestants please!).  They will be on display in the Art Show Room until 1:30PM on Sunday.  Plushies MUST BE PICKED UP AT THAT TIME.  If plushies are not picked up at that time, they will be considered abandoned and will be discarded.

 5. Participants in the Plushie Costume Contest are only allowed to enter one(1) plushie per person.  Plushies must be between 6 inches (16cm) and 26 inches (66cm) tall. Animals of any type are welcome. Costumes should be handmade, though may be purchased they must be significantly altered to make them more original. Handmade creations are highly encouraged.

 6. Plushie Judging will be based on design and/or alteration, and how well the costume fits the plushie. Contest participants will be allowed to speak to the judge/s briefly about their methods of construction, and why they chose that costume for their plushie.  Contestants are encouraged to bring photo documentation (that will not be returned!) to show the judge/s any costume references or a step-by-step example of the creation process.  Contestants will only be allowed five(5) minutes, at maximum, to speak with the judge/s.

7. This contest is restricted to single person entries at this time.  Plushies who have multiple owners, or one owner with multiple plushies, do not qualify for this competition.

 8. The Fandemonium Plushie Costume Contest is scheduled from 10:00 AM Friday to 1:30 PM on Sunday of Fandemonium.  Plushies will remain in the Art Show Room during that period of time, to allow other attendees the opportunity to rate them for Fan-Favorite.  Entrants are encouraged to bring their plushies as early as possible to allow attendees the chance to vote for their plushies.

 9. The final period of judging will occur at 1:00pm on Sunday.  Contestants must be available at that time, to allow them the opportunity to receive the judge/s’ feedback, but they are not expected to be available during the remainder of the competition.

 10. The maturity rating for this event is PG.  Please adjust accordingly.

 11. Plushies MUST BE COSTUMED with a minimum material equivalent to a shirt and a pair of shorts.  These particular items of clothing are NOT required, but are provided as an example of the minimum amount of construction effort the judge(s) will be looking for from the participant.

 12. No flash, fire, explosive, fireworks, smoke (including incense), fog (including dry ice), or incendiary devices, such as caps or smokers, will be tolerated.

 13. Absolutely no liquids, chemicals, powders, thrown glitter, or confetti will be allowed.

14. If weapons are part of your plushies’ costume, they must conform to the Fandemonium Weapons Policy:
     1.     No sharp swords or knives or actual working weapons are allowed. Wood, rattan, bamboo, plastic, cardboard, foam, or rubber weapons are acceptable.  Inspection of all weapons will be required prior to the show, regardless of material.
     2.     You are responsible for your own weapons, e.g. bringing them on and off stage yourself.
     3.     We reserve the right to reject any weapons if we consider them dangerous.

16. We reserve the right to refuse your presentation if we think it would endanger yourself or others (or for any other reason we feel appropriate and/or necessary).

17. Contestants are encouraged to speak to the Event Organizer if they have any questions or concerns about this event.  Be advised, however, that excessive disrespect towards the Event Organizer, Staging Crew, Judging Staff, or other contestants may be grounds for disqualification and/or removal from the event.  Deliberate disruption of the event by any contestant(s) for any reason may also constitute the same result.

18. These rules are subject to change. However, we will try to give you ample notification if they do. If you have any questions about them, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will be answered as promptly as possible.

 Disclaimer: Fandemonium, the Grove Hotel, and their respective parent companies, staff, relatives and associates are not responsible for any injuries that might occur before, during or after the competition, or for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

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