April 14-16th 2017 | Wyndham Garden Boise Airport Hotel
3300 S. Vista Ave. Boise, ID 83705 | (208) 343-4900

Idaho's Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Gaming, Horror, Comics Expo

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4:00PM - Animatics Presents: Prop Building-Tips to Help You Build Your Own by Animatics in Alt. Event (60min)

7:30PM - No Pants Dance by The Lost Boys DJ Group in Special Events (2hrs)
Desc. An 18+ dance event where the only rule is No pants allowed (skirts+Shorts are OK)
Equip. Ext. Cord, PA System, Power Strip

10:00PM - Animatics Presents: Five Nights at Fandom! by Animatics in Alt. Events (60min)
Desc, The fandom that has sprang up almost as fast as the jump scares that course through it.  Five Nights at Freddy’s, the game that within less than a year we were treated with three instalments and so many questions and theories.  Well here is your chance in this open discussion panel to voice your love, options, and theories while others do the same.  Who is purple guy?  Who got a big mouth full in 87?  What is awaiting us only months away in FNAF 4.  Let’s scare up a great night together.  Also we will have a prize going to the best FNAF cosplay!


12:00PM - Nightmare Factory by The Great Idaho Horror Experince in Alt.Event (30min)
Desc. The ultimate dare vs. dare game. Seated at a table full of random food's will be us, The Great Idaho Nightmare. Eating any concoction that the audience can dream up for us.
Equip. PA System, Power Strip.

1:00PM - Animatics Presents: Marvel & DC: An Open Discussion by Animatics (60min)
Desc. Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Netflix's Daredevil and AKA Jessica Jones. The Dawn of Justice trailer. Age of Ultron. Come in, sit down, and talk about the good, the bad, and the awesome of the comic book world in this open discussion on all things Marvel and DC.
Equip. PA System

2:30PM Animatics Presents: Weeping Angel Freeze Tag by Animatics in Special Events 60min
Desc. Don’t blink, blink and you’re dead!  Okay maybe not dead but still it’s best to avoid the angels in this Doctor Who inspired version of Freeze Tag.  When the lights go outs and the angels come to play will you have the skills that it takes to be the Doctors next companion?

5:30PM - Animatics Presents: Cosplay Olympics by Animatics in Open Events (60min)
Desc. Help your team on the journey to gold in these fun con mini challenges.  At the start you will be split into a few teams that will compete against one another in some games.  No you will not be needing to run a mile or throw any javelins, but you will have to deal with such things as balloons, hula-hoops and beach balls.  Come join in some friendly competition or come and watch as others do.

4:00PM - The Merry Pirates by .... in Open Event (30min)
Desc. A show of swashbuckling swordplay, comedy and entertainment.
Signage. No Flash Photography

8:00PM - Animatics Presents: How to Steampunk out! by Animatics in Alt. Events (2nd Floor) (60min)
Desc. Fall into a world of gears, goggles, dirigibles, and of course steam.  Where history becomes science fiction in this panel to show you how to gear up for this old world.  Rather you are an old hat at this or you’ve heard about it and want to learn more stop on by.  We’ll cover the basic idea of what steampunk is, how to dress and create your own character that fits into the fandom that is Steampunk, even touch on making modern technology in a past.  Those who have steampunk outfits feel free to wear them to help inspire others.


12:00AM - Midnight Movie Madness (18+) by The Great Idaho Horror Experience in Video/Panels: Live Action
Desc. Come one, come all to the second annual Midnight Movie Madness presented by The Great Idaho Nightmare. This year we will partake in one hell of a great horror movie. The controversial "House of 1000 Corpses" come dressed as your favorite character! RATED R!!
Equip. DVD Player, Extension Cord, PA System, Power Strip, Video Projector

11:30AM - Watermelon Destruction by The Great Idaho Horror Experience in Video/Panels: Live Action (60min)
Desc. You asked for more, well you've got it! New weapons, more watermelons! Come see the destruction!
Equip. DVD Player, Extension Cord, PA System, Power Strip, Video Projector

3:00PM - The Great Idaho Nightmare Video Compilation w/ Q&A by The Great Idaho Horror Experience in Video/Panels: Live Action (60min)
Desc. A terrifying compilation of all of the short films we've made. Some footage you've seen, some. . . .we thought we'd never show. Don't miss your only chance to see the behind the scenes madness of your favorite horror trio The Great Idaho Nightmare. With Q&A after the video, ALL questions will be answered.
Equip. DVD Player, Extension Cord, PA System, Power Strip, Video Projector

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